Our Features

The Edgeport platform empowers you with a diverse array of comprehensive features, delivering numerous advantages for effective management while enabling you to intricately tailor your web strategy with precision and sophistication.

Application Delivery Network (ADN)

ADN is aimed to handle site acceleration and delivery of the main domain. It accelerates the dynamic requests processing and provides the ability to cache them on the edge. Also, ADN supports ESI blocks. Moreover, by enabling your web product to be delivered through our network, you have the option to activate an additional security component named Origin Cloaking, which comes on top of ADN. It allows to enhance security by configuring the origin's firewall to exclusively accept requests from our network. This significantly bolsters the security of your origin systems and ensures that your network remains shielded from direct Layer 4 attacks.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

With the platform's acceleration of static assets, your web product can achieve enhanced speed and reliability. This is accomplished through parallelized downloads, which significantly boost your application's performance. In addition, you have the option to separate the dynamic and static requests to achieve a more cost-efficient distribution and enhance overall product capacity management.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

A web application firewall (WAF) is a security appliance or software that monitors and filters all traffic between the user and the web application. It is used to protect web products from known and unknown attacks, including session hijacking, parameter tampering, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), SQL injection, and command injection.

Edgeport offers a cloud-based Global Enterprise WAF that is distributed across multiple regions, making it more secure and efficient for protecting your web products, since you don't need to manage or install any software to use it.

Rate Limiting (RL)

Rate Limiting is a technique used by web applications to protect themselves from malicious or abusive requests. It can be used to throttle the number of requests made to an application over a given period or to limit the total amount of data that can be downloaded in a day. This approach is commonly used to prevent malicious requests from flooding the application, bringing it down, or preventing legitimate users from accessing it.

In contrast to the competition, Edgeport offers enterprise-grade Rate Limiting that counts requests per second, as opposed to rate limiting based on requests per 30 seconds, which is not sophisticated and can generate false results. Additionally, Edgeport excludes static requests from the Application Delivery Network (ADN), which gives the ability to count simple page requests aka page views. Furthermore, Edgeport's Rate Limiting not only safeguards the application against GET requests but also shields it from POST requests targeted at specific attacks.

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