Once logged into app.edgeport.com, you'll find yourself on the main screen of the Edgeport dashboard.

This screen provides a comprehensive list of your services, encompassing both those created by you and those available for your management as a Collaboration member).

Columns within this list display the following information:

  • Name - the service title you’ve specified during its creation on the platform;

  • URL - the domain name of your project;

  • Status - either New, Creating, Propagated, Propagating, or Active, depending on a stage of the project’s deployment to the platform;

  • Requests per Second - real-time information on the number of incoming requests.

Clicking on a line with a particular service will take you to the Service Menu, where you can explore various configuration sections with a diverse range of available functionalities, which are thoroughly described here.

Now, let's explore the features on the main dashboard screen one by one:

Top Panel Functions

In the upper part of the dashboard screen, you can find the following options:

  1. The Search field allows you to quickly locate the necessary service from the entire list of available ones by specifying its name or domain (URL):

  1. Clicking the Sort by A-Z line will display the services sorting list.

Here, the following ordering options are available:

  • based on creation time - either New first or Old first

  • based on alphabetic order - either A-Z or Z-A

  1. The next two icons allow you to switch between the modes of the services list view.

The list view is the default setting, and clicking the button to the right will apply the grid view:

This display lets you track the ever-changing incoming load on your applications directly from the services list through the graphs that reflect fluctuations in outbound bandwidth traffic volume over the last 24 hours.

  1. Choosing the Add New Service option will initiate an interactive wizard intended for adding a new project to the Edgeport platform.

Find the detailed guidance on this process in the Add New Service document.

Favorite Services

Once you have marked some project(s) as favorites, you can click the similar star icon above the entire list to display all such projects at the top, rather than being ordered alphabetically:

And when already inside the Service Menu, you’ll be able to effortlessly find the marked projects neatly presented in a dedicated Favorites section positioned above the complete services list.

User Menu

The circle icon in the bottom left corner gives access to the user menu from any section in the dashboard:

It encompasses the following items:

  • Your Account - redirects you to your Edgeport user account settings

  • Billing - leads to the dashboard section, where you can manage your payment and invoice details

  • Help Center - offers quick access to the Edgeport Documentation main page

  • Status Center - opens the dedicated status.edgeport.com, offering an overview of edge service performance and operability at all network points (hover over any circle on the map to view the location of the corresponding edge server).

    Additionally, this page provides information about upcoming planned maintenance and details on incidents that occurred over the last 30 days, with in-depth descriptions of events from the past 7 days (if there were any).

  • Terms of Use - refers to the Terms and Conditions document outlining the relationship, rights, and responsibilities of the Edgeport Platform and its users.

  • Privacy Policy - refers to the Privacy Policy document detailing how users’ personal data is collected, used, and protected

  • Log Out - allows you to conclude your user sessions on the platform and sign out from your platform account.

Help Widget

Clicking the message bubble icon in the bottom right corner of the dashboard reveals the interactive in-built widget:

This functionality enables you to perform a quick search throughout the Edgeport Documentation or directly address a question to our support team.

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