💡What is Edgeport?

Here is an overview of how Edgeport operates, what it can do for you, and what sets it apart from others

The Edgeport platform combines Web acceleration and Web-security-as-a-service capabilities. It protects your website and web application from attacks, threats, malicious traffic, and bots. At the same time, it is speeding up your web application to provide the most optimal end-user experience.

What can I do with Edgeport?

Edgeport is a versatile solution suitable for businesses of all sizes, offering various ways to streamline operations and boost efficiency. Applicable to any web-based product, Edgeport can be used to fulfill the following tasks:

  • Accelerate: Deliver your web product on our edge network and achieve unparalleled performance, whether dynamic or static requests are served - all thanks to our enterprise-grade application delivery network (ADN).

  • Secure: Protect your web product against threats with dual WAF, advanced Rate Limiting, and AI-based defense against bot invasions. With Edgeport, you don't have to worry about SQL injections, XSS attacks, malicious traffic, and sophisticated DDoS attacks, which could lead to application slowdowns or degradation of your users' digital experience.

  • Route: Provide a robust and highly secure domain name server (DNS) for your web application, giving it a strong foundation. Consequently, you can rest assured about the future growth of your project.

  • Observe: By using our platform, you can monitor the entire web application in nearly real time. Endgeport offers access to both security and delivery events in one place, ensuring more efficient management.

All Edgeport features are available with no extra payment after you've purchased the monthly service plan, allowing you to conveniently monitor and manage the acceleration and security strategy for your website on the Edge.

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