The Settings > Collaboration menu section enables you to invite other users to jointly manage your service and handle the list of collaborators with access.

Read the following instructions to find out how to:

Inviting a User to Collaboration

Click the Invite New Collaborator button in the rightmost part of the panel:

In the displayed pop-up, provide the email address of the required person and select Add.

Upon confirmation, the system will automatically send an invitation message to the specified email address.

Herewith, the provided email will appear within the dedicated Invitations frame at your Edgeport dashboard, marked with the Pending status.

The following options next to it allow you to manage the sent invitation request:

Accepting The Invitation

Depending on whether the invited user already has an Edgeport account or is new to the platform, the further steps for them will slightly differ.

For already registered users

An invitation recipient will get the following email, where they need to click on Accept:

After that, they will be automatically redirected to the standard Edgeport login form, where they just need to authenticate using the preferred authorization method.

Once entering the platform dashboard, new collaborators will find the newly added project alongside the other ones they own or manage in their list of services on the primary Edgeport dashboard screen.

From there, they can immediately begin administering it.

For new users

In case the invited user's email is not yet registered in the system, the invitation email will contain the Register button.

Upon clicking it, they will be automatically directed to the Edgeport login form.

Here, they should select Sign Up and go through the process of setting up a new account, which is described in detail in the Create an Account guide.

At this point, the invited user’s status in the Invitations frame at your (owner’s) dashboard will be changed to Accepted, allowing you to monitor their progress as they join the collaboration.

Once registration is successfully completed and your new collaboration member logs into the platform for the first time, they will see your project in their list of services on the main Edgeport dashboard screen.

From there, they can immediately begin administering it.

Collaboration User Management

Once a user who came upon your invitation logs in to the platform, their email will be moved from Invitations to the upper Collaborators pane.

For each collaborator, you are given the following management options:

  • Change Owner - click this button if you’d like to transfer ownership of the service to this user’s email.

    Please pay attention that to accomplish this operation, the corresponding user should have billing information set up for their account, which includes specifying invoice and payment card details.

    For that, they should navigate to the Billing section of the user’s menu (the appropriate button is located in the bottom left corner) and follow the provided instructions.

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