To manage your payment card data and invoice details, please refer to the Billing section of the user menu. It can be accessed by clicking on the circle icon in the bottom left corner wherever in the dashboard:

You’ll be automatically directed to the main Details subsection of the Billing frame.

Here, you are able to:

Currently, we support the majority of the most popular payment card types: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and China UnionPay. No other payment methods (for example, Paypal) are available at this time.

Add a New Payment Card

If you are new to the platform and haven’t added your service to the platform yet, you can provide your billing information beforehand through this section (to avoid spending time on this operation during the service creation process).

You won’t be charged for anything until you purchase a service plan subscription and receive the first invoice at the end of the corresponding calendar month.

So, in order to bind a payment card to your Edgeport account, fill in the fields within the form to the right with your card details, i.e. Card Number, Expiration Date, and CVV code from the back of the card.

Below, you’ll also need to specify your personal data for invoicing, namely:

  • Card Owner full name

  • Country of residence

  • City of residence

  • TAX/VAT number for VAT-registered users (optional)

  • Address 1 of residence (street and number)

  • Address 2 of residence (floor, local, etc; optional)

  • ZIP Code corresponding to the provided address

Once all the fields are filled, click on the activated Add card button.

Please ensure the accuracy of the provided data, since otherwise it may cause your future payments to be rejected by the Stripe payment system we’re using for billing. If you realize you've made an error in any of the payment information fields, you can always edit it.

At this point, depending on your bank and card security requirements, you may be prompted to undergo an authentication for 3D-Secure verification.

Once your card ownership is confirmed, it will be displayed in the current dashboard section alongside your invoice details below.

Manage Payment and Invoice Data

After you’ve added your initial payment method (either following the instructions above or during the very first addition of a service to the platform), you can efficiently manage it or add the new ones within the Billing > Details section of the user menu. This provides you with comprehensive control over your payment preferences.

So, here you have an option to:

Add Another Card

To add one more card to your account, click on the empty frame with the plus “+” sign next to the pane with the already added card.

In the opened frame, enter the card details, click on Add Card, and complete the card ownership verification (if required) as described in the Add a New Payment Method section.

You can add as many cards as you’d like to, but only one of them can be chosen as a primary one to be charged for the recurrent subscription payments. Additional cards won’t be automatically charged, even if the primary one runs out of funds.

Designate the Primary Card

Selecting a card as the primary one implies that it will be charged at the beginning of each calendar month for the subscription payment covering all the projects you own.

To designate a primary card, click on the round toggle in the top right corner of the respective card frame:

No other card from the added ones can be automatically charged for invoice payment (even if the primary card has expired or lacks funds) until you indicate it as a primary in the way described above.

Remove a Card

There should always be one card assigned to your account (no matter whether it was added first or later), and it can’t be removed from your user settings. If you no longer want Edgeport to store your payment data after deleting all services, you can request account termination by sending the appropriate request to support@edgeport.com.

Edit Invoice Details

If you need to edit previously specified invoice data, you can change the entries in the appropriate fields within the Billing > Details section and click the Save Updates button below.

All subsequent invoices that you’ll receive will contain this renewed data.

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