Event Record Details

Selecting any record within the Total Events section with the List visualization type chosen will reveal a detailed information pane to the left, presenting a list of parameters for in-depth event exploration.

Depending on the chosen Event Type tab, the provided details will slightly differ - please refer to the linked guides below for explanations on the presented attributes:

You can easily switch to the nearest older or newer record without closing the parameters list by using the arrow buttons on your keyboard, as indicated in the bottom part of the message panel.

Clicking the gear icon near any attribute allows you to filter the results on the page based on the selected attribute value.

Here, you have two options: either narrow down only the request where this attribute/value pair fully corresponds to the chosen one (the first line within the menu that appears) or, conversely, exclude requests with such a value for this attribute (the second menu line)

After clicking on the preferred option, you’ll see that the chosen query is automatically added to the filtering field and applied:

To cancel the filter, just click the cross icon next to it.

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