๐ŸŒ Add a New Service

To begin leveraging all the capabilities of the Edgeport platform, you need to add your web project to the dashboard first. You can accomplish this by following the next steps:

Define the Basic Project Properties

  1. Log in to your Edgeport account and click the Add New Service button in the top right corner.

  1. Within the opened frame, you need to define the basic properties of your project:

  • Project Name - specify the preferred title for your Service to be displayed in the dashboard

  • Enter your site - provide the domain address of your project website (either in domain.com or www.domain.com format)

Youโ€™ll be able to add secondary subdomains later through the Settings > CNAMEs section after initially adding the main domain as a Service.

Pay attention that in the case you are using another proxy service (e.g., Cloudflare) in front of your web-based application, youโ€™ll need to tick the Manual Settings checkbox and enter the origin serverโ€™s IPv4 in the provided field:

Alternatively, you can just disable the proxy service youโ€™ve previously employed.

Press on Go Next to proceed.

  1. In the next frame, youโ€™ll be proposed to choose your application type from the list of available ones (e.g., WordPress). If your application type is not listed here, tick the Other option.

Selecting the specific type that corresponds to your actual application will initiate the extended configuration automation through applying the predefined edge rules and security profiles.

These rules are designed to improve the user experience on cached pages by considering factors like cookies and the user's state (e.g., by determining whether to keep or bypass caching for dynamic requests such as login and shopping carts)

To advance to the next step, click Go Next.

Select the Service Plan

  1. At this stage, you need to select one of the available Service Plans.

Here, you are presented with the following options:

  • Basic - this plan allows you to Accelerate your application, configure Routing, and Observe web-security events and threats that reach your application (i.e., ensures security Audit mode).

  • Standard - in addition to the Basic plan capabilities, this plan allows you to Secure your project by enabling web security Blocking mode, where all threats are blocked by default. You also get the ability to customize your personal security strategy via the Settings > Security section of the Edgeport dashboard.

  • Enterprise - a premium security plan that includes all the functionality of the Standard plan and offers advanced customization possibilities for service security. It offers the options to set up an advanced access control list, customize rulesets for WAF and Bot Management, and access full-handover managed security services. To enable this plan, you need to contact the Edgeport team and elaborate on the conditions and pricing that would be tailored specifically for you.

For more information on the differences between available plans and the functions they include, please visit the Edgeport Service Plans page.

Once you select your plan, you can proceed to the Next step.

  1. Here, youโ€™ll be required to provide your invoice data and payment card details to cover the monthly usage fee of the Edgeport platform according to the plan youโ€™ve chosen.

Please make sure to provide accurate payment data and click Go Next.

Depending on your card withdrawal settings, you may also be asked to confirm the payment through your bank's service.

Wait for the Completion

After the payment is accepted, the process of adding your project to the Edgeport platform will start.

You will be able to track the entire progress of creating a service and its dependencies.

Upon completion, you can close this window.

You'll see a new service listed in the dashboard with a loading bar in the Status column - it indicates the progress of your project's propagation to the edge.

Please Note that the propagation advancement may take up to 60 minutes, so please be patient.

Now, you can start exploring the capabilities of the Edgeport platform and go ahead with additional configurations of your project on edge (e.g., creating a DNS zone).

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