Graph Navigation Options

The logged events graph is equipped with a set of options designed to assist you in navigating and interacting with it.

Let's go through them one by one:

The time range option above will indicate the specific from/to timestamps the data is represented for, along with the interval of change.

The exact start and end timestamps, with values accurate to the second, will be displayed above the graph, along with the selected time interval stated before them.

To exit this mode, simply click the same button again.

  • The Options button reveals the list of additional options for the graph:

Both of them are enabled by default.

Here, Service Time manages the display of visual data representation - disabling it hides the graph, providing more space for analyzing the Total Events section located below.

The Group by Status toggle is only applicable to the Delivery tab, where disabling it will cause the graph to display the overall number of requests within its columns, rather than segregating them into groups based on the HTTP status codes.

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