The Settings > Security dashboard section allows users to effectively manage the security configurations of their application, offering various options for additional protection. This empowers application owners to tailor their security strategy to specific business needs without requiring expertise or in-depth knowledge of the application's security layer.

The given section provides 4 toggle switches that allow you to turn on/off the following options:

Please remember to click the Save Updates button in the bottom right corner to apply any changes you make within this section. Keep in mind that it may take up to 5 minutes for the new configurations to be distributed across all regions and PoPs.


By switching the Web Application Firewall and HTTP Rating in Audit mode only option on, you can enable logging of the platform security events for their further tracking through the dashboard (the Security section within the main service's menu).

Please Note that this option does not provide additional protection for your application but is meant to supply additional information for debugging purposes, security monitoring, and threat visibility.

Web Application Firewall

The Web Application Firewall in block mode switch is designed to enable/disable the WAF, which is responsible for blocking suspicious requests and malicious attacks. Here, traffic filtering is performed in alignment with the automatically applied predefined security profile, determined by the application type you selected during Adding a New Service.

You can also inquire about additional firewall customization from our support team (, such as blocking requests from IPs in sanctioned countries.

To learn more about what WAF is and how it works, refer to this page.

Rate Limiting

Turn on the HTTP Rating in block mode option for the platform to use rating rules to automatically manage the number of requests per second that your web application can receive from a specific user (taking into account both GET and POST request types). Herewith, if static assets are distributed from ADN (rather than CDN), they will be automatically excluded from the rate-limiting request count.

The HTTP Rating helps to protect your service from malicious or abusive requests, DDoS attacks, flooding, etc, and simultaneously guarantees equal access to the application’s resources for all users.

To learn more about what Rate Limiting is and how it works, refer to this page

Bot Management

With the Web Application Firewall and HTTP rating in block mode toggle button, you can enable the mechanism of bot management, which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to determine whether it's a user, a good bot, or a bad bot sending the requests.

Please Note that to enable this option, you must activate the Web Application Firewall and Rate Limiting switches first, which are available in the same dashboard section above.

By default, all well-known legit bots are allowed, including Facebook, Linkedin, and GoogleBot.

Herewith, you may also whitelist IP addresses or a subnet up to /22 to bypass these security checks through the Access Control service menu section. This configuration will apply automatically to all security components.

To learn more about how Bot Management works, refer to this page.

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