The Settings > Service section encompasses some vital configurations that relate to your project’s presence on the platform and its integration with other services.

Let’s explore each of these panes:


This frame provides you with an API token that will be an essential requirement if you intend to integrate your service with external applications and automate specific processes.

The system generates the necessary API key for your project once it's added to the platform. You can simply copy this key (either manually or by using the clipboard icon on the right) and then provide it to the third-party services you'd like to connect to or use it in any other way your project's workflow necessitates.

Please keep in mind that this key should be kept secure since it grants direct access to your application through the API.

If you’d like to Generate New Token, just click the same-named button below, and the new key will appear in the appropriate field.

Note that when the new API key is generated, any services or processes that rely on the previous key will cease functioning.


The current section pertains to the service plan your service is subscribed to in the Edgeport platform.

By clicking the Change Plan button, you can explore the features available in all the current plans on the platform and switch to a different one if necessary.

To do so, simply select the desired plan and click Change. Your linked payment card will be instantly charged, and the newly selected plan will take effect.

If you wish to upgrade your subscription to the Enterprise plan, please reach out to our support team at in advance (you can use the Contact us option below the plan name to initiate this process right through the dashboard).

This allows us to collaborate on including the specific features you need and determining the customized pricing for your tailored service plan.

When selecting a different plan while your current plan still has remaining days, the cost of the unused days from your former plan (based on the monthly rate) will be subtracted from the price of the newly chosen plan:

  • If the new plan is cheaper than your previous plan, the surplus amount from the unused days will reduce your new payment. If this amount exceeds the monthly payment of the new plan, its duration will be extended by the number of days corresponding to the surplus amount divided by the per-day cost of the new plan.

  • If your new plan is more expensive than your current one, the sum for the unused days from your current plan will be deducted from the payment needed for acquiring the new plan.

Delete Service

The following section offers an option to Delete your Service from the Edgeport platform.

Upon clicking this button, you’ll be faced with the confirmation window, where you will need to enter your service's name to authorize this operation (refer to the hint within the frame’s text).

After clicking Delete below, your project will be permanently removed from the platform.

Please Note that this operation cannot be undone.

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